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was founded in 2019, we started off as online store based in Singapore, focusing mainly on pet toys and pet treats. Our products are outsourced from overseas, and directly from their warehouse! We hope to bring more interesting, fun and affordable product.

We are official ZippyPaws, Sodapuptoys Wholesaler & Other brands retailer located in Singapore!

We set our retail price affordable and hope every furkids in Singapore could enjoy the fun as we do!

Treats For Paws

was also founded in 2019, We started off with small batches and focussing mainly single ingredient treats! We will bring you only Delicious and Tasty treats that we sourced responsibly overseas and locally.

No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Additive, No Sugars, No Salts, No nasties ingredients for your furkids!
​Only Tasty Nomnoms!

We would love to giveback to the society! Shop with caused now!

Let's help the society too! HOW?

We will be donating a portion from our sales profit to the society every month!

For more information of the donation records, follow our Instagram! we will keep the track there!


SGD 380.00 (Period Jun-Dec 2019)



SGD 250 (Period of Jan-May 2020)

Any questions & enquiries feel free to contact us!

Drop an e-mail to:

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