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was founded in 2019, it started when we adopted 2 Singapore Special boys and then recently added new member to the family which many of you have seen the video of our rescued kitten. we started off as online store based in Singapore, focusing mainly on unique, fun, durable pet toys and a lot of tasty pet treats. Beginning of 2020 we have also expand our store to more categories like supplements, foods, accessories for your pets and even goods for the hooman, ofcourse more for kitty too!

in 2022, Shop The Paw finally got their hand on Disney/Pixar Authorised Licensee for Pet Category in Singapore. we can also ship to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar.

We hope to bring more interesting, fun and affordable product for all pets in Singapore.

Treats For Paws

was founded in 2019, We started off with small batches and focussing mainly single ingredient treats! We will bring you many delicious and tasty treats that we sourced responsibly overseas and locally.

No Fillers, No Preservatives, No Additive, No Sugars, No Salts, No nasties ingredients for your furkids!
​Only Tasty Nomnoms for your happy tummy.


Any questions & enquiries feel free to contact us!

Drop an e-mail to: woof@shopthepaw.com

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