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Alpha Chef

We had a particularly picky dog, Phoebe who, like many dogs, disliked kibble. She would skip meals and started to lose weight. So, we started to making toppers in the kitchen. When the recipes were successful with Phoebe, we thought that other dogs and dog parents might benefit too!

When the idea for Alpha Chef was born, we wanted to raise the bar as high as we possibly could. That is why we only make all natural, human-grade, very healthy toppers and treats and source our ingredients in the USA. All of our products are lab tested for quality and safety. We love our pets and understand you love yours. We think that your pets deserve great-tasting and nutritious food that is also affordable and not complicated. 

What's in SAUCE?

The ingredient that gives the yummy flavor comes from real beef, chicken, and fish oil.  Other ingredients include flaxseed, sunflower, and coconut oil that act as an Omega booster and provide the many health benefits described below. 

Delicious wet oil topper and Omega booster. Ingredients are good for shiny coats and healthy hearts. Great for making play time or meal time more fun.


Yummy dog food seasonings made from real beef and chicken to add on top of any meal. Healthy and tasty! Made for the most picky eaters.


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