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Great toy!

The toy is cute and of quality! Dog really enjoyed this toy! The many elements within - sound, treats pocket, kept my dog entertained. Thanks for the product and the service!

No chemical smell

The cleaner looks like water and doesn’t come with strong soap/chemical smell. Feel safe to use on dog’s toy. Satisfied with this product.

Awesome toy that suits CNY

My dog enjoy sniffing and finding her treats! The quality is good!

Awesome product!

I drop 1/2 tsp onto his kibbles. He takes this with no issues! Thanks to this, his coat is shiny! :)

Aural Haematoma using Arnica

It helps with my dog's aural haematoma. Haematoma is slowly subsiding after application. A must have product.


The crunchiest roo jerky I've ever purchased 😅 no complains, my baby loves it alot!


A bit smaller than expected but still cute and looks durable.

Really durable!

My pup's favourite toy since I bought it a month ago. Still looks perfectly intang despite the frequent chewing and tugging.

Nice toy that does not contain any fillings and so convenient to replace the bottle.

Love the signage to be hung outside of the house. Gives visitors a good chuckle before they enter.

Durian for my little sausage

Nori loves the durian so much, he keeps running around with the seed in his mouth and tickles us greatly! Excellent purchase.

My dog loves it!

We gave this to Koa on his birthday and amongst a good number of other toys he received, this was his favourite! He loves it and has been playing with it all the time. The quality is good and is holding up really well to his chewing and all. Thank you!

The dogs loved it!

A good nosework toy which can be set at different difficulty levels (open, folded, rolled up) but the velcro is a little too tight for small dogs. Overall, the dogs loved it and the sound of plastic makes them even more excited.


Cutest flat squeaky! My dog loves it!

Furry and fun

My dog loves it! But I take it away after play cos I want to last a few Christmases!

Fave toy brand ever

Long time fan of PLAY. Always cute and super well made. Will stand up to some rough antics!

Living up to the hype

Love Bug is great as a daily gut support. This little bottle will last a 12kg dog close to 2 months! Quality natural products as expected from adored beast.

Super cute!

Adding this to my growing collection of Fringe toys. Its super adorable and plush but still hardy enough to be thrown into the washer and dryer.

Great product and range

The Four Leaf Rover Protect is a GREAT pre and probiotic for Dogs. The Service from Shop the Paw is nothing short of fantastic!
Our Chow Chow - Bronte - was feeling very unwell. We contacted the Vivian at the Shop and told them about our dog's situation and that we lived in Australia. They shipped the product that same night!! Brilliant customer won't go wrong with this group. Thank you Felicia and Bronte

My dog loves it!

I got the santa paws cookie set! it’s super adorable and my dog loves it! Quite durable too :)

No longer have to deal with the messiness of having Pidan's things (esp her training treats) in separate bags! The pouch makes her training a breeze. Plus the color is beautiful, I really like it alot. :)

Pidan loves the toy! It took her a couple of tries to get it right, but it's good because it took her a really long time and kept her occupied - not anymore now that she knows how to get all the treat out though... >.< The downside is, I don't think the material feels very durable and Pidan (corgi) would probably wear it out pretty soon.

My dogs love it!

Well- made and beautiful

Bought the San Pupsico cable car, Chicken and waffles and Eggs Benedict. Love the quality of the PLAY range.

Crinkly fun

My dog loves this! He likes to carry the crinkly cup or lemon around. Great for hiding treats

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