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Love it

Super cute, and it’s long enough, perfect for daily walks!

Intrigues the pup!

Great multi purpose toy which makes our pup very interested. Made the mistake of leaving the toy with a teething puppy though, the plastic of the potato chip bag was gone in a day haha. Nevertheless, pup loves it!


Great toys for pup

Great product

Decided to try the gut soothe to see if it helps with puppy battle against vomit and diarhea. It's been on and off for close to 2 months.

Started 5 days ago, I do feel that his poo smell more normal and it does have shape!

So far, great product!

Fun toy

It’s fun for dogs, I got the small size for my 12kg pup and he loves it. But the hole of the dispenser is so big, he could get most treats out before the timer runs out. This would be a great toy for smaller dogs who finds the Kong Wobbler a challenge!


Bought this at the recommendation of a friend for my senior dog who seemed to have developed an allergy to most shampoos out there, even if they claimed they were “natural”. Beautiful scent. No adverse reaction from my pup so that’s excellent. My only gripe is that I need to use a lot for my fluffy dog each time as it Doesn’t sud as much but I guess that’s to be expected considering it’s natural (no SLS etc) . Will likely repurchase.

Cutest Poop bag

Sometimes i need to put a small housekey when I walk Eevee and this poodle pouch is just perfect.
I love that the handle is big and the poop plastic bags are easy to come out..and it us super cute!!

Cutest Nose Work toy!

Eevee loves it alot because it’s small and she can bring it around. Is also not so time consuming for her to finish. Just love this tiny cute thing!

Good support!

Have been looking for
A harness that doesn’t move towards the armpits of my dog. This is it!
Awesome service too buying from shop the paw!

🍒 cherry toy

My silver poodle loves the cherry - the squeaker and crackle sound keeps her entertained. She loves the robe part too

Great harness

This is the second time we have ordered these harnesses for our dogs, they fit great, look good and are very hard wearing - fantastic product

Excellent for heart issues

I’ve tried various heart supps for my 3 dogs with heart murmurs and one with heart failure. Researched a fair bit to determine key Ingredients that make a difference, and fera pet’s has the highest dosage of L-carnitine and taurine. I feed a separate COQ10 product. I sprinkle the powder on their food, no rejection from them so that’s good. Will keep buying. I have always ordered this from the US so I was thrilled when Shop the Paws brought it in. They have been very efficient with delivery and communication. Thank you!

Banana 🍌

Pipi loves the sound of the banana and she likes to bites it ..... take pictures was so cute 🍌


Highly recommended....great for small dog 🐶 she enjoyed so much

Awesome product

Smells great and non sticky/oily. Once applied on my dog’s body, I don’t feel the grease. After usage my dog lick/scratch the particular area lesser

my furkid loves it!

Not only does this yeti look quirkily cool, but it is also floofy and very durable .... it has plenty squeakers to entertain my furkid, in its body and both hands and feet ... its size is ideal for medium to large sized furkids.

Very cute and fun

My furkid loves it!

Good quality nosework toy

My dog doesn't play much with other toys except the kinds with treats in them. This is perfect! He gets them all and is super excited when he sees me with it!

a great variation to the lickimat

was following sodapup toys for awhile now and was thrilled to find out the STP was gonna bring the e-mat to singapore! it's just as effective as the well-loved lickimat and provides extended feeding and licking time for doggo ◡̈ it has been manageable to wash (like other lickimats) and store. i would still use this continually for licky snacks with a more liquid consistency (instead of hardcore solid foods) so that washing is made even easier. one catch though, it does not lay completely flat when empty/light so make sure you fill it with something weighty to minimise chances of it being flipped over by doggo ◡̈

Great toy!

The toy is cute and of quality! Dog really enjoyed this toy! The many elements within - sound, treats pocket, kept my dog entertained. Thanks for the product and the service!

No chemical smell

The cleaner looks like water and doesn’t come with strong soap/chemical smell. Feel safe to use on dog’s toy. Satisfied with this product.

Awesome toy that suits CNY

My dog enjoy sniffing and finding her treats! The quality is good!

Awesome product!

I drop 1/2 tsp onto his kibbles. He takes this with no issues! Thanks to this, his coat is shiny! :)

Aural Haematoma using Arnica

It helps with my dog's aural haematoma. Haematoma is slowly subsiding after application. A must have product.

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