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Brightkins Pet Singapore

Brightkins Pet Singapore

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Bright ways for pets to play!

Our paws-on interactive toys and training tools unlock your pets’ curiosity and engage the entire family! After nearly 40 years designing award-winning toys that make learning fun for kids, We're excited to bring learning to life for your furry family members.

Our Mission

We love dogs and they love us! At Brightkins, we're dedicated to creating whimsical, family-friendly pet products that help you engage, stimulate, and bond with your furry friend.

Why Brightkins?                        

Designed in consultation with a certified professional dog trainer, our treat puzzles and training tools help dogs stay free from boredom and anxiety through playful learning that gets the whole family involved!


Our dogs are part of the family, so we want to keep them happy and healthy. That's why the safety standards we apply to our pet products are the same as the ones we apply to our preschool toys.

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